Narcotic Tracking System

Narcotic Tracking System

Narcotic Tamper Evident Security Bags for Pharmacies, Hospitals and EMS Agencies. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, drug overdose was the leading cause of injury death in 2013 — the most recent data available — among Americans 25 to 64, surpassing deaths caused by motor vehicle crashes; 71 percent of the overdoses involved Opioid painkillers.

Remedies for Diversion of Narcotics

Remedies for Diversion of Narcotics are very difficult and have a significant learning curve. However, Blaster Communications, Inc. began analyzing current processes of different organizations and discovered weaknesses that were eliminated by the Narcotic Identification Inventory Control (NIIC) Tracking System. The NIIC mobile application is one of the most innovative solutions developed to track the life cycle of a Narcotic from the beginning to the end.

Safety Measures

  • Use our Tamper Evident Security Bags to track all your Controlled Drugs like Fentanyl and Morphine
  • We can track all Narcotics issued to your Paramedics like Versed and Valium
  • Use as many bags needed to track All Narcotics in you departmentusing our Blank Bags

Product Pricing

These customized bags are designed for EMS agencies, Fire Departments and Hospitals to track the controlled drugs deployed on all paramedic vehicles. Our Narcotic Tamper Evident Bags ensure an efficient narcotic accountability system due in regulations of Local, State, and Federal laws.