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Narcotic Tamper Evident Security Bags for Pharmacies,Hospitals and EMS Agencies

The Department of Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) requires strict accountability and accurate documentation of all narcotics. Emergency Medical Services (EMS) managers’ hospital administrators have a zero-tolerance for theft and misuse of controlled drugs; they want to stay off the front page of the local newspaper. The citizens in the communities are entitled to receive the proper narcotic and not saline or water for their emergency…

Narcotic Tamper Evident Bags

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Narcotic Security Bags

Narcotic Tamper Evident Bags are designed to assist Emergency Medical Service organizations in the tracking and dispersing of controlled substance use and movement. It can eliminate diversion, reduce accidental breakage of narcotic vials and ensures the correct recipient obtains the correct substance in the correct amount. The Narcotic Identification Inventory Control (NIIC) mobile app is used in conjunction with the Narcotic Tamper Evident Security Bags. This allows for real-time automated tracking and reporting that can help identify discrepancies within hours not months and in turn help comply with Local, State and Federal Laws.


Fentanyl is used to save lives, and it can be abused by EMS agencies, Fire Departments, hospitals, medical facilities. “They will us it they use it, but they also abuse it.


Morphine is us to relieve pan, however, it has the potential to be highly addictive during this Covid-19 crisis becoming more available to EMS agencies, Fire Departments, hospitals, and medical facilities.