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Blaster Communications has created NIIC, a mobile app auditing process that has an oversight security program that prevents the diversion of narcotics from EMS agencies and Hospitals. A comprehensive analysis of several manual narcotic tracking processes was conducted, which contributed to the development of NIIC. The NIIC mobile app provides a unique combination of Tamper Evident Bags, Mobile Apps, Key cards, and the Internet to render safety, security, accountability, and responsibility of narcotics in one business model visit www.drugsecuritybag.com.

The functionality and design of the NIIC mobile app is robust to fit many organizational needs when it comes to tracking controlled substances. The solution was built to support Hospital, Pharmacies, Fire Departments, and ALS Unit auditing processes. NIIC works with traditional narcotic diversion devices such as Narcotic Lock Boxes, Pyxis machines and Narcotic Safes to offer a complete tracking system of narcotics from the point they are distributed until they are used on patients.

The NIIC mobile app will help to eliminate poor recordkeeping of narcotics, which has been an issue that has plagued hospitals and EMS agencies for many years. The public has the right to be safe and to receive secure controlled substances when needed. Blaster Communications provides EMS agencies with an automated solution that provides real time data to help managers make the right decisions quickly and efficiently. Supervisors will be able to ensure an accurate account of all narcotics along with the activities of paramedics, nurses and doctors who have access to controlled drugs.

Future Functionality

In addition to tracking controlled substances, The Blaster Inventory Tracking System will have future modules that will allow agencies like EMS, Police and Fire Departmants to track other inventoried item such as:

  • Other medications and non-controlled substances
  • Automatic Electric Diffibulator (AED) devices and other emergency equipment
  • Station equipment and supplies
  • Disaster and Multi Casualty Incident (MCI) management

Client List

  • City of Vacaville Fire Department
  • City of Oakland Fire Department
  • City of Sea Cliff Fire Department
  • Fremont Fire Department
  • Bound Tree Medical
  • Alameda Fire Department
  • Department of Fire and Emergency Services of Gulf Shores
  • Dorchester County EMS
  • Pinellas County Fire Department
  • Island EMS Charlottetown
  • Collier County EMS
  • Mason County Medic One
  • D.C. Fire EMS
  • Spring River Paramedic Ambulance Services
  • Memphis TN. Fire Department
  • BSA Paramedic Services
  • Chula Vista Fire Department
  • Alhambra Fire Department
  • Sarnova Inc
  • Gulf Shores
  • Wildness Medics Inc


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  • Alameda Fire Department
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