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Blaster Communications has created NIIC, a mobile app auditing process that has an oversight security program that prevents the diversion of narcotics from EMS agencies and Hospitals. A comprehensive analysis of several manual narcotic tracking processes was conducted, which contributed to the development of NIIC. The NIIC mobile app provides a unique combination of Tamper Evident Bags, Mobile Apps, Key cards and the Internet to render safety, security, accountability and responsibility of narcotics in one business model.

Narcotic Tamper Evident Security Bags

The Department of Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) requires strict accountability and accurate documentation of all narcotics. Emergency Medical Services (EMS) managers and hospital administrators have a zero-tolerance for theft and misuse of controlled drugs; they want to stay off the front page of the local newspaper. The citizens in the communities are entitled to receive the proper narcotics and not saline or water for their emergencies.https://madamejane.com/tag/redtub/

Narcotic Tamper Evident Bags eliminate diversion and reduce accidental breakage of narcotic vials, therefore limiting waste. Most importantly the bags ensure the public receives the correct narcotic and not a compromised vial of controlled drugs. They are currently being used in pharmacies, paramedic units, medic ambulances, hospitals, convalescent homes, veterinarian hospitals, jails and outpatient clinics.

Fentanyl is a dangerous opiate that is causing one of the worst drug epidemics in U.S. history. Narcotic Tamper Evident Security Bags were designed to help eliminate diversion of narcotics such as Fentanyl.

The Blaster Communications Inc. Narcotic Tamper Evident Bags are specifically designed to assist Emergency Medical Services organizations in tracking controlled substances use and movement. These customized bags are designed for EMS agencies, Fire Departments and Hospitals to track the controlled drugs deployed on all paramedic vehicles.

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Blaster Communications the first in its industry

When it comes to eliminating diversion, reduce accidental breakage of narcotic vials and ensures the correct recipient obtains the correct substance in the correct amount.

Tamper Evident Bags

Narcotic tamper Evident Bags are designed to assist Emergency Medical Service organizations in the tracking and dispersing of controlled substance use and movement.

Providing Accountability

The Narcotic Identification Inventory Control (NIIC) mobile app is used in conjunction with the Narcotic Tamper Evident Security Bags. This allows for real-time automated tracking and reporting that can help identify discrepancies within hours not months and in turn help comply with Local, State and Federal Laws.

Product Pricing

These customized bags are designed for EMS agencies, Fire Departments and Hospitals to track the controlled drugs deployed on all paramedic vehicles. Our Narcotic Tamper Evident Bags ensure an efficient narcotic accountability system due in regulations of Local, State, and Federal laws.

Administrators can see…

  • Stations with expired drugs
  • Stations with more than their quota of drugs
  • Chain of Custody for the entire drug History
  • What drugs were used on a patient
  • Documentation of Waste
  • Unused drugs that are stored in Waste bags

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CAL Fire had three or four reporting cases with tampered Narcotic vials after using our BCI Narcotic Evident bags this organization has no (Zero) reported tampering issues with Narcotics.

CAL Fire

One of the reasons our customers love our bags is the large font printed to identify drug inside the bag, its appealing/readable this eliminates diversion and reduces errors.

CAL Fire

The barcode on the BCI Narcotic Tamper bags are 99% complaint with the use of the pyxis machine and this allows you track the drug in real time. .

CAL Fire